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African CEOs to meet in Geneva to discuss investment in Africa

Africa CEO Forum will look at revitalising investment flows into the continent and comes at a time when commodity prices are showing signs of recovery About 20 South African CEOs are expected to atten...

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EXCLUSIVE: Lesotho not ready for elections, says former PM Thabane

Lesotho’s former prime minister Tom Thabane says the mountainous kingdom is not ready for elections, citing security concerns. Thabane’s remarks came after the country’s King Letsie moved to di...

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Clock Ticks For Migrants With Special Permits

Companies and individuals who employ foreigners because they think they can get away with paying lower wages and extracting longer working hours are partly to blame for the end of special permits. App...

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MINISTRY of Labour and Employment Deputy Principal Secretary Pitso Makosholo says coordination among stakeholders is crucial to improving labour inspection standards in the country Mr Makosholo said t...

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